Long Term Disability Insurance

Wellman Shew

May 19, 2022

Wellman Shew

According to Wellman Shew, if you have been unable to work for an extended period of time because of an injury or illness, you may wish to consider purchasing long-term disability insurance. The insurance is designed to provide you with coverage for the percentage of your earnings that you have lost due to your disability. This type of insurance is typically not available as part of a group plan. Insurance companies understand that earnings increase with time, so they provide a future increase rider. This rider lets you easily update your coverage should you need to.

SUNY LTD Plan by Wellman Shew

The plan provides benefits to eligible employees after six months of total and certified disability. Monthly benefits are payable at 60 percent of the employee’s gross monthly salary as of the date of disability. The maximum LTD Income benefit for SUNY employees is $7,500 per month. However, if the employee has a pre-existing condition, the benefit level may be reduced.

Employees can enroll in the LTD plan upon their first month of employment. Once enrolled, LTD coverage will begin immediately and they will receive written instructions regarding how to file a claim. The University’s LTD plan is available to all University employees, but departments must complete an online form to be eligible. The University’s policies explain the benefits and limitations of the LTD plan.

SUNY LTD by Wellman Shew

The process begins with an Employer Statement, SI13379-643146-ER, and a notification to your HR representative. After you submit all the necessary information, the Department personnel office will review your claim and inform you in writing. This process may take anywhere from a week to four months. After that, your LTD benefits will expire when your sick leave benefits expire.

If you’ve begun enrolled, submit your documents on time. The department’s personnel office informs new hires in writing about LTD benefits. They’re also given 60 days to join up. The following open enrollment session is generally in January.

UnitedHealthcare LTD Plan

If you have a job with a UnitedHealthcare LTD Plan, you may qualify for the benefits offered by this policy. This insurance coverage pays 60 percent of a covered employee’s salary each month, up to $12,000 per month. Learn more about this coverage, and how it works.

A disabled worker can protect his or her income with this plan in case of a permanent disability. The person who is eligible gets a disability benefit equal to 662/3 percent of the employee’s monthly pay. The maximum monthly benefit is $12,500, and other benefits will be taken out of this amount. After six months of total disability, benefits will start to build up on the first of each month.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York

A short-term disability insurance policy will pay benefits directly to you in the event you become ill or injured. There are no limitations on how much you can spend on these benefits. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get a group LTD policy if your employer provides it. This type of policy is ideal for employees who aren’t eligible for individual policies. Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York long-term disability insurance is still affordable and beneficial.

When applying for long-term disability insurance, you’ll likely need to wait a certain period before you can claim benefits. This period can range anywhere from one to 14 days, and it’s detailed in your policy’s terms when you sign up. Before you can make a claim, you’ll need to get a doctor’s note and fill out a medical form. Generally, the form will ask you when you first became ill or injured.

Cigna LTD Plan

Long-term disability coverage is available through Cigna. Without disability documentation, you may not get adequate payments. Social Security disability benefits may influence your benefits. Before picking a Cigna plan, consider all your alternatives.

Wellman Shew described that the first thing to do if you don’t get approval for your disability claim from Cigna is to appeal. You should receive a denial letter from Cigna shortly after filing your claim. Review the letter carefully to understand why the claim was denied. You may have not followed their requirements, for example. If so, you can consider filing a lawsuit. By hiring an attorney, you will increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.