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Wellman Shew is an entrepreneur, business leader and long-time professional in the California insurance industry

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Wellman Shew is a seasoned insurance professional with over four decades of experience in the dynamic insurance industry of California and the nation. He is the owner, president, and agency manager of Shew & Company Insurance Services, located in Fresno, California.

Establishing his insurance brokerage in 2005, Shew specializes in employee benefits, catering to the diverse needs of his clients. His expertise extends beyond employee benefits, encompassing various insurance specialties such as life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, health savings accounts, Section 125 plans, and 401k plans. Whether assisting large corporations in providing top-notch employee benefits or helping individuals find affordable health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans, Shew is committed to delivering optimal solutions.

Shew's remarkable career achievements in the insurance industry have earned him recognition and accolades. In February 2022, he celebrated his 40th year as a California insurance professional, a testament to his expertise and professionalism. The Central California Association of Health Underwriters (CCAHU) honored him as their member of the year, acknowledging his dedicated and exceptional service as one of California's top insurance professionals. Through affiliations with organizations like CCAHU, Shew establishes crucial connections within California's insurance market, enabling him to offer his clients the best insurance products at competitive rates.

Beyond his extensive experience and an esteemed reputation, Shew holds several notable certifications, including certified financial planner, registered health underwriter, chartered life underwriter, and registered employee benefits consultant. His expertise has garnered recognition, with Employee Benefits Selling magazine featuring him on the cover of its April 2004 edition, focusing on his profound knowledge of insurance and workplace benefits.

Wellman's commitment to service extends beyond his professional endeavors. Fresno city officials even proclaimed a special day in his honor to recognize his dedication to outstanding service and his positive impact on the local community. He is widely respected for his community involvement and constructive interactions with residents and employers.

As an astute observer of the ever-changing insurance industry, Shew has witnessed numerous transformations within California and the nation. Notably, he has navigated the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, assisting individuals and employers in complying with federal and state requirements for health insurance coverage. Shew is vital in supporting small businesses in the Fresno area, helping them provide quality and affordable group health insurance benefits to their employees.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Shew guides individuals and business owners in obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage and offering competitive benefits to their employees. He specializes in health savings accounts, long- and short-term disability insurance, and high-deductible health insurance plans. Furthermore, Shew shares his insights and expertise through his blog, educating consumers from diverse backgrounds on purchasing useful, cost-effective insurance coverage.

In his commitment to staying informed and sharing valuable information, Shew recently launched his website and blog at WellmanShew.com. Through regular blog posts, he provides an in-depth analysis of recent changes in the insurance industry. He discusses evolving insurance laws and regulations and current and potential future impacts.

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